Letter from Board President

Dear Community Organization or Business Leaders,

The  Claysville Area Preservation and Revitalization Initiative (CAPRI) is a 501(c)  (3) non-profit corporation. It was  formed in 2004 as an offshoot of the Claysville Business Association for the  purpose of facilitating the efforts of various organizations in the McGuffey School District and helping the region  to remain competitive in business and recreational opportunities. These business leaders recognized the value of  the community’s rich agricultural heritage and desired to preserve that history  while revitalizing for the future. As a  result of this vision, CAPRI operates as a  sanctioned arm of the Claysville Business Association.

As stated on the CAPRI website, the mission and goals of CAPRI, respectively, are:

“to improve the quality of life in the Claysville area by revitalizing the present  while preserving its past. CAPRI will act as a catalyst to draw and coordinate local residents and organizations to work together in making the Claysville area a vibrant social, civic, and economic center of activities while celebrating our farming origins. We want our  citizens and patrons to be proud to be a part of this historic farming community.”

“to create an attractive community, alluring new residents, businesses, shoppers  and tourists; to help elicit awareness of our area’s uniqueness by building on our history and recognizing local resources; to educate the community regarding preservation and economic development strategies; and to create, organize and market local events, drawing people into the Claysville area.”

We trust that the mission and  goals of CAPRI are common throughout the Borough of Claysville and the surrounding area. The board is staffed by volunteers and  we would like to partner with community organizations. CAPRI is here to assist the community in gaining access to grants and activities that  may not otherwise be attainable.

The CAPRI Board would like to work in cooperation with your organization, and we extend to you an invitation to appoint a representative from your organization to act as liaison to CAPRI and attend our meetings.

The monthly board meetings are currently held on the second Monday of each month, September through June, at 6:00 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge in Claysville.

Reita Melvin